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What Indoor Amenities Does Park Place Towers Offer Tenants?

Searching for an apartment community that offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience? With the right amenities, you don’t have to leave the building to work out, hang ...

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Hoof It for Vernal Equinox

It seems we’re all counting the days until the virus is beaten down as more and more of us are vaccinated. But reality of that happening is still ...

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Alternatives to Trick or Treating

People begin looking forward to Halloween long before the first leaf falls from the tree, so by this time of year they are typically all decked out with ...

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How to Manage a Quick Move

Being under pressure to move quickly happens more often than you’d think. And when you do have to move quickly, often while still balancing work, school, kids, and ...

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Making the Most of Your Covid Summer

It may be the strangest summer we’ve ever experienced here in Hartford, but Covid-19 has not canceled summer here. While everyone needs to keep safety and social distancing ...

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Fittness | Park Place towers

Staying Fit Doesn’t Require Resolutions

By this time each year, most people have already failed to keep the New Year’s resolutions they made. But whether you made – or kept – your resolutions ...

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Best Pumpkin Patches Around

Halloween is just around the corner and as you start to shop for the perfect costumes for your kids, don’t forget all of the other fun traditions the ...

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How to Unwind After a Stressful Day

The hustle and bustle of the world gets to us all sometimes, but it’s a lot easier to handle a stressful day when you have a way to ...

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Relaxing at Home

Ways to Make Your Apartment More Peaceful

Your apartment should be a haven from the bustle and stress of the outside world. When you open your door, you should feel happier and more peaceful instead ...

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Healthy Woman

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Summer brings with it a number of health challenges. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies have to be on guard to defend themselves against flare-ups. Heat and rain ...

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