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Alternatives to Trick or Treating

People begin looking forward to Halloween long before the first leaf falls from the tree, so by this time of year they are typically all decked out with costumes purchased and just counting down the days for trick or treating. This year, however, because of Covid, a lot of families are opting not to take their kids trick or treating.

Here are some great ideas to help you celebrate in style:

Trunk or Treating

Rather than have the children go to a bunch of different homes where they have a high risk of exposure, set up a neighborhood trunk or treat. In a trunk or treat, people sign up to hand out candy; everyone gathers at a park where the candy is loaded into the trunks of cars. The children can come to each car and get candy from the trunk without having to come into contact with others.

Drive by Trick or Treating

Similar to a trunk or treat, in this case, the volunteers drive slowly past each child’s house, stopping to at each child’s house and letting them choose candy that has been taped to the side of the car. The cars can be decorated to fit a theme.

Trick or Treat at Home

There are a number of ways to make the holiday fun for the kids even if they don’t leave the house. You can turn your apartment into a haunted house or decorate each room with a different theme. You could even have a scavenger hunt or hide the candy like easter eggs and let the kids race to find it.

Safe Party

If you have a small group of people who are part of your extended pod, you could arrange a Halloween party with them. Have hot apple cider and pumpkin donuts. Do a Halloween pinata. Play games and music.

Halloween Costume Parade

Let the kids walk through the neighborhood (safely distancing of course) but let them all show off their costumes with a walk through the neighborhood.

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