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Apartment space

How to Make the Most of an Apartment Space

Living in an apartment can be both convenient and cozy. However, the size of your apartment shouldn’t limit your creativity and ability to create a comfortable and functional living ...

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Amenities To Look For in a New Apartment in Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT is a beautiful city and the capital of Connecticut. With a growing population of over 120,000, lower cost of living, and access to higher education, it’s ...

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USA downtown skyline at dusk in early autumn

Falling in Love With Hartford

With the arrival of February, many people focus on Valentine’s day planning. It’s easy to focus on the basics, like flowers and chocolates. However, the Hartford area can ...

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Ways to Protect Your Lower Back

These days, we’re all stuck inside thanks to this enduring virus. That’s especially true in a Hartford winter. In our last couple blogs, we’ve detailed places to get ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Covid Thanksgiving

Few people expected to still be dealing social distancing during the holidays, but case numbers are going back up and governments are having to take steps to curtail ...

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How to Manage a Quick Move

Being under pressure to move quickly happens more often than you’d think. And when you do have to move quickly, often while still balancing work, school, kids, and ...

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Planning for Back to School

In all likelihood, even if schools reopen in the fall, it will be with some kind of hybrid learning approach, which means your child may be spending at ...

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Make Working from Home Work for You

Even as the country begins the process of reopening, many people will continue to work from home as offices redesign their spaces to be safer. And for some ...

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girl at home

How to Have a Relaxing Night-In

There are tons of fun things to do in Hartford. With museums, parks, and riverboat rides, you might find yourself checking off those boxes as must do’s in ...

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How to Pick the Perfect Roommate

When you’re looking for someone to share housing with, it’s important to know how to choose a roommate that you’ll get along with well. This helps make your ...

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