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Park Place Towers Blog

Make Use of the University of Hartford

There is a ton to do around Hartford. If you’ve been checking out this blog, we keep you in the know as the seasons change. Everything is within ...

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waiter carrying a lot of beer glasses in beer garden at Octoberfest in Munich

Octoberfest in Style in Hartford

Everyone associates October with Halloween, scary movie marathons on AMC, and hordes of tiny goblins and ghouls shaking down the locals for candy.  But if you’re an aficionado ...

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Adventures on the Dolomites: family together

Plot Your Fall Color Adventures Now

If you live in Hartford or anywhere else in the Northeast, you’re no stranger to awesome fall foliage. While no one really understands exactly why trees do turn ...

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People at a theater looking at a dress rehearsal of ballet performing arts

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music

In this space, we’re always bragging about all the great stuff you can do around Hartford and your sweet apartment at Park Place Towers. One of the real ...

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Hit the Links this Summer

Golf and New England is a pretty well-kept secret. But if you like to play, there are great courses up and down the former colonies. It’s as if ...

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Ready to Get Out and Have Fun Again?!!

Last year stunk. This dumb virus basically took a full year from all of us. There weren’t any baseball or hockey games. No movies in theaters or concerts ...

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Famous Houses are Right Near Your Home

One really cool thing about Hartford is that it’s been around a long time. That could be an understatement, as Hartford was first settled in 1635 by the ...

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Time to Hit the Trails

Living in a wooded area like Connecticut, sometimes there are things you didn’t know about lurking right under your nose, just hidden in all of the trees. You ...

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Hoof It for Vernal Equinox

It seems we’re all counting the days until the virus is beaten down as more and more of us are vaccinated. But reality of that happening is still ...

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Ways to Protect Your Lower Back

These days, we’re all stuck inside thanks to this enduring virus. That’s especially true in a Hartford winter. In our last couple blogs, we’ve detailed places to get ...

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