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Outdoor Amenities That You Can Enjoy

Outdoor Amenities
When moving into an apartment, most people focus on the indoor space and whether it is comfortable enough for their family. What some people overlook is all of the outdoor amenities that they may be able to utilize when selecting the right location. At Park Place Towers, we are committed to providing each of our residents with quality spaces, both indoors and outdoors, that they can enjoy and feel proud to call home.

Outdoor Amenities That You Can Enjoy

Not only do we strive to provide residents with top-quality indoor spaces, but we also invest heavily in providing outdoor amenities that are healthy, enjoyable, and readily accessible. Some of the outdoor amenities that we offer for our guests include:

  • Swimming pool: Our luxury apartment complex has a private pool for our guests to enjoy. We routinely test the water quality to ensure it is safe for our residents to enjoy.
  • Basketball court: With hoops located at both ends of the court, we encourage residents to gather friends and family and enjoy a full game of basketball under the sun.
  • Tennis court: We offer three tennis courts that are designed with our guests in mind. The net and grounds are routinely inspected to ensure everything is safe and in good working order for our guests’ enjoyment.
  • Park: Our grounds are filled with lush landscaping, a pond, and various walking trails where our guests can get in their morning jog or simply stroll through in the evening to relax.

We hire well-qualified grounds workers who are committed to the upkeep of our property to ensure guests are able to enjoy them whenever possible and with very few interruptions. If you are interested in exploring more of what we have to offer, contact our facility today!

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At Park Place Towers in Hartford, CT, we take great pride in providing our residents with all of the amenities they need to have an enjoyable time without having to travel far from home. Not only do our outdoor amenities provide entertainment, but they also help keep residents active with friends and family. Contact our team at your earliest convenience by calling 914-833-2600 to schedule an apartment tour.

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