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Mid-Summer Fun in Hartford

Mom with her 6 years old daughter walking along city street and eating ice cream in front of the outdoor cafe.The temperature is still rising, and staying cool can be a challenge. The heat can be enough to force most people indoors for the rest of the summer.

But, the Hartford area has plenty of options to help you beat the heat and enjoy yourself.

A great time can be waiting for you around the corner.

Our location at Park Place Towers puts you in the middle of the action and helps you capitalize on all the Hartford Area offers. Here are some of the sweetest ways to make the most of summer before it ends.

Tastease Mini Donuts

Having a drive-thru sandwich every morning can get old. Sometimes, you need something sweet to start your day. If that's the case, a donut can be perfect for you. One of Hartford's best-kept secrets is Tastease Mini Donuts. If you want a traditional donut or something festive, you have loads of options at Tastease. 

Pair a donut with a cup of coffee, and your day is off to a great start.

If you're looking for an even sweeter treat to add to your day, a "donut shake" is the perfect mix for you. This combination of donut chunks and ice cream can turn the hottest summer day into pure bliss. 

The best part is Tastease is a short 4-minute car ride from Park Place. Once you've had a donut, you can enjoy the rest of the action around Hartford.

Capital Ice Cream

Ice cream is synonymous with summer. Captial Ice Cream is one of the best places to please your ice cream cravings.

What sets Captial Ice Cream apart is its customize experience. You can enjoy mix-ins to add a unique touch to your ice cream. 

It doesn't stop there. 

Captial Ice Cream also specializes in shakes, sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches. Enjoy these in the warm weather while gazing at the state capitol building in the background.

Montecarlo Bakery

If you are looking for an upscale way to please your sweet tooth, Montecarlo Bakery is the place to go.

You can find cupcakes, flan, muffins, creme brulee, and other options for your cravings. When leaving Park Place for the day, stop by Montecarlo on your way back. It's a short walk to its location on Park Street.

These are just a few ways to sweeten your summer here in Hartford. If you'd like to learn more about Park Place or activities around Hartford, call us today at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106