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Tulip Time at Park Place

Beautiful garden bridge in springtimeIf there’s one thing that is welcomed by everyone every spring in the Northeast, it’s tulips and daffodils. When they push through the soil, weathering spring snowstorms, it’s a sign that the end of another long winter is on the horizon. When the tulips and daffodils put out their blooms, spring has officially sprung!

We spend this blog telling you about all the great things that are so close to you when you live at Park Place. So, for April put on those Easter bunny ears, munch on a few Peeps, and read on about Elizabeth Park Conservancy and their famed Robert A. Prill Tulip Garden. It’s THE place for tulip viewing every spring in Hartford.

What is Elizabeth Park?

Elizabeth Park is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has over 100 acres of formal gardens, green space, recreational facilities, walking trails, and the famous Pond House Café. From Park Place, Elizabeth Park is just a measly 10 minutes away to the northwest via Laurel Street and Asylum Avenue. That’s close!

How Much Does It Cost?

OK, these days it seems everything costs a little more than just a couple months ago. Not so at Elizabeth Park. Elizabeth Park is open 365 days of the year from dawn to dusk. And it is FREE to the public. Whoa…

When Should I Go?

With the proximity and the price, if you’re enjoy the serenity of flowers and gardens, you should hit Elizabeth Park regularly. Here are a few things upcoming:

  • Early to mid-March — Daffodils
  • Late April to Early May — Tulips. Tulips. Tulips!! Find them in the Robert Prill Tulip Garden.
  • Late May — Perennial Garden peaks, Iris Garden, and Herb Garden.
  • Early-to-mid June — Helen S. Kaman Rose Garden, Heritage Rose Garden, Iris Garden, and Julian and Edith Eddy Rock Garden

Spring has sprung, so get out and enjoy the beautiful flowers at Elizabeth Park. If you have any questions about Park Place or leasing or anything else, please call us at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106