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Where to Warm Your Spirits with…Spirits

Happy friends clinking glasses of champagne at party in a nightclub.In most of our blogs at Park Place Towers, we’ve been happy to tell our loyal blog readers where to go to get out and have some fun. That “out” has typically been outdoors, with some occasional indoor adventures. For December, we got everyone ready for some winter skiing by enlightening you to just how close three ski areas are to little old Hartford and Park Place.

This month, since it is dark, cold January, let’s turn out focus indoors to warming up at a few of Hartford’s awesome drinking establishments.

First off, we’re not advocating any particular place over another, but just highlighting a few options in this space. For a full rundown, you need to head here for a link to all the bars broken by type, such as places for live music or the best happy hours.

As a preview here are a few of your options for adding some sun to these short January days at Hartford’s great bars.

  • Black-Eyed Sally’s Southern Kitchen & Bar — Black-Eyed Sally’s is known for two things: a stage that hosts some of the best blues artists in the nation and their award-winning BBQ and Cajun cuisine.
  • Max Downtown — Max Downtown is a combination of crazy, contemporary design, a creative assortment of martinis and wines, and sophisticated cuisine. It’s a popular after-work destination.
  • Vaughan’s Public House — This is a pub that would fit perfectly in Dublin or in Hartford. It has been voted Best Guinness in Connecticut many years running, and what else is more important than that in a pub? Great beer and tasty pub food in a warm setting.
  • The Half Door — Known for its beer selection and assortment of tasty bourbons and whiskeys, The Half Door is a cozy place where you can also catch lots of live music. The Half Door has a beer passport that can make you famous while drinking many beers.
  • Pig’s Eye Pub — With specials like “Liver Die Thursday” and “Big Ass Beer Wednesdays” there’s always something fun happening at Pig’s Eye Pub. Plus, if you get hungry for some jambalaya, you can just drop downstairs to Black-Eyed Sally’s.
  • Little River Restoratives — Little River Restoratives claims it is elevating the low road with the “Finest Quality Cocktails” that are “Silent and Reliable.” Little River has a unique array of cocktails, punches, possets, and grogs, and what’s not to like about that?

OK, none of us are big fans of the short daylight of January. At least if you live at Park Place, you’re close to all sorts of bars and restaurants to warm your soul. Such is the beauty of our location in Hartford and Park Place. If you have any questions about Park Place or leasing or anything else, please call us at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106