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Ski Park Place

Ski tracks lead through the forest. Winter can be unpredictable here in Connecticut. One day it’s sunny and 50, the next it’s blowing snow and 2 degrees. But one thing is truly predictable — there will be skiing in the Northeast this winter. By the time this blog is posted, there are surely plenty of well-known ski areas up and carving their turns.

But what of little old Hartford and Park Place Towers? Surely, we have to travel hours to hit the slopes around here, right?

More like 20 minutes. That’s right, you can be skiing just 20 minutes out the door of your Park Place Apartment. So, for this merriest of blogs after 20 months that have been anything but merry, let’s Ski Park Place!

Where can I click into my bindings?

From Park Place, there are three ski areas within an hour of you. How cool, literally, is that? Here’s the lowdown on each:

The oldest and the largest — Mohawk Mountain

Located just an hour west on Connecticut State Route 4, Mohawk Mountain was founded in 1947. It’s located in state forest just east of Cornwall, Connecticut. The stats:

    • 8 lifts
    • 26 trails
    • 99% snowmaking coverage
    • Night skiing

Ski Sundown

Ski Sundown opened on January 11, 1964 as Satan’s Ridge ski area. Since then, subsequent operators saw fit to change the name to Ski Sundown. A mere 35 minutes away by Connecticut State Route 44, Ski Sundown has these numbers:

    • 5 lifts
    • 20 trails
    • 100% snowmaking coverage
    • Night skiing

The smallest, but the closest — Mount Southington

Mount Southington also opened in 1964 with the barn from the original farm serving as the first rental shop and cafeteria. The adjacent farmhouse housed the ticket office and administration. Mount Southington is just 20 minutes from Park Place on Interstate 84 south. Its stats:

    • 7 lifts
    • 14 trails
    • 100% snowmaking coverage
    • Night skiing

Who knew, you could be schussing your way downhill just 30 minutes or so after you call it a day! Such is the beauty of our location in Hartford and Park Place. If you have any questions about Park Place or leasing or anything else, please call us at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106