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The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music

People at a theater looking at a dress rehearsal of ballet performing artsIn this space, we’re always bragging about all the great stuff you can do around Hartford and your sweet apartment at Park Place Towers. One of the real bummers about what COVID took away from us was live music. Hartford has lots of great live music, and all the venues were silent in the dumb year of 2020. 

No longer! Live music is back and you’re at the center of it all at Park Place. You can click on this link to the page on this site listing all the arts and entertainment in the area with their respective websites, but in this blog let’s single out a few you may want to check out. 

  •     Hartford Symphony Orchestra — The renowned Hartford Symphony has already returned to the stage with summer events in July, but their main season runs through the fall and winter. The symphony plays Friday through Sunday on the first weekend of every month at The Bushnell.
  •     Infinity Music Hall & Bistro — Originally built in 1883 as a combination opera house, barbershop, and saloon, the first Infinity Music Hall opened in nearby Norfolk (located about an hour west on Highway 44 from Park Place) in 2007. Infinity Music Hall Hartford opened in 2014. Both venues are awesome for all sorts of live music performances.
  •     Hartford Jazz Society — The Hartford Jazz Society presents live jazz concerts and events throughout the Greater Hartford area. One of their regular shows is the Paul Brown Monday Night Jazz shows at The Bushnell. But you’ll have to hurry for that one, as the finale for this season is Monday night, August 16. But there are lots of Jazz Society shows elsewhere throughout the year.
  •     Hartford School of Music — The Hartford School of Music at the University of Hartford features all sorts of performing groups, everything from the Brass Ensemble to the Bass Band, the Orchestra to the Steelband, the Jazz Ensembles to Chamber Music. These run during the school year, which thankfully this year will be back in person, as all students will be required to have COVID vaccination to attend this fall’s classes. Performances are usually on campus in the Lincoln Theater or the Handel Performing Arts Center.
  •     The Bushnell — With 1159 seats, The Bushnell has been a central part of Hartford’s performing arts scene for 90 years. It’s estimated that over 30 million people have seen shows at The Bushnell at over 20,000 performances of all sorts.
  •     The Hartford Chorale — The Hartford Chorale is a volunteer not-for-profit organization that presents, on a symphonic scale, masterpieces of great choral art throughout southern New England. They often perform along with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. It’s unusual to be able to experience a chorale ensemble this large, or this talented, but if you’re living at Park Place Towers it’s no problem at all.

OK, so you already knew Park Place Towers was THE place to live in Hartford. Now you also know just how much music you’ll find all around the area! If you have any questions about Park Place or leasing or anything else, please call us at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106