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Time to Hit the Trails

Living in a wooded area like Connecticut, sometimes there are things you didn’t know about lurking right under your nose, just hidden in all of the trees.

You may think of the mountain bike trail network over at Reservoir Park like that.

Now that we’re well into a Connecticut spring, it’s time to put away the skates and break out the sprockets. And about 45 minutes by bike or 15 minutes with your bike on a rack of your car you’ll find a whole network of sweet mountain bike trails.

Let’s get into that in this springy blog for Park Place Towers.

Fifty rides and trails

Who knew that just 15 minutes west on Boulevard to Farmington to Sunset Farm Road and you’ll find yourself at the West Hartford Reservoirs Trail Network? There you’ll find 28 miles of trails broken down by difficulty:

  • 11 green/easy trails
  • 12 blue/intermediate trails
  • 3 black/difficult trails

These trails work their way around a series of long skinny reservoirs that make up Reservoir Park. All in all, there are 26 different trails that can be combined into an endless array of paths. The shortest is just .2 miles, the longest 3.5 miles.

These trails are also a mix of trail types sure to suit different abilities and proclivities. There are singletrack trails for pure mountain biking. There are wide doubletrack trails that can accommodate different types of bikes. And there are paved trails, as well.

After over 14 months of this COVID madness, we all could use a little release. That’s what makes the Hartford area such a great place to live. From the park adjacent to Park Place Towers to the seemingly endless trails and parks nearby, there’s no shortage of places to keep on social distancing a little while longer until we can all get the vaccine.

Now you know another place, this one for your bike — West Hartford Reservoirs. Check it out!

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Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106