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Skinny Ski Trails Galore at Winding Trails

Winding TrailsDuring this ongoing annoyance that is COVID-19, there is, thankfully, finally an end in sight, but for this winter it will still be business as has become usual. That means we’ll all be looking to escape to the outdoors. In last month’s blog, we covered all the hockey you can find around Hartford, although those professional and collegiate team schedules are still up for cancellation. And we told you where you could get out and put on your own skates, once the ice gets thick enough.

For the New Year, let’s put on some skinny skis and get out at Winding Trails over in Farmington! Here’s the lowdown on the fun to be had just 18 minutes west of Hartford.

Winding Trails isn’t a misnomer

Winding Trails is a non-profit organization that exists on a beautiful 380-acre parcel of land with pristine woods, clear waterways, and outstanding facilities. It’s open year-round, but in the winter it’s the prototypical Northeastern scene with cross country skiing, sledding, and tubing on a 150-foot hill with a 20-degree slope (rent a tube or bring your own tube or sled), and ice skating on eight-acre Walton Pond. You’ll even find a ski lodge with a roaring fire to warm up between runs.

The cross-country trail system is awesome. Winding Trails has 20 kilometers of trails that they groom daily. The trails wind through the area’s 380 acres, working their way through woods and around numerous ponds. All the trails are graded for difficulty, green, blue, or black, and they have directional arrows. On the perimeter is the Skater’s Loop for skate skiers only. The blue and green trails are for classic/diagonal stride aficionados. The trail system is quite impressive, providing all the trails you’ll need to feel hundreds of miles away from Hartford and any cares you may have.

Check out the Winding Trails cross-country skiing trail map here.

Winding Trails is an authorized Fischer Rental Center, complete will all new rental equipment and the latest in Nordic gear. They have over 250 rental sets with both classical and skating skis. They have skis for all ages and sizes. You can even rent pull sleds for towing an infant or toddler.

Winding Trails depends upon Mother Nature to provide the white stuff and the frigid temperatures, but that’s not usually a problem by January. If you want to know the current conditions, click here.

Until then, Happy New Year from Park Place Towers. Right now everything’s a little odd, but, as with all things, this virus too shall pass. If you have any questions about leasing at Park Place, give us a call at (860) 951-3400.

Location Map: 24 Park Place Hartford, CT 06106