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Planning for Back to School

In all likelihood, even if schools reopen in the fall, it will be with some kind of hybrid learning approach, which means your child may be spending at least a few days a week learning from home. Here are some ways you can prepare your home to better accommodate your child’s needs for distance learning.

Choose the Right Space

You do not necessarily need to dedicate an entire room to your child’s distance learning needs, but you should locate a space they can use where disruption is minimized so that they can focus, have Zoom calls with the teacher, and have room to have their books. For some families, this will be the dining room, a part of the child’s bedroom, or a spare room. Others may have to split their living room into part workspace. Consider these factors for your space:

  • Lighting. Make sure the space is well lit, that there is a comfortable chair for your child to sit in, and that they are able to concentrate without too many distractions.
  • Power. Make sure your child is seated somewhere where they can have access to power to plug in their computer and charge their phone if they have one.
  • Space. Ensure there is enough space for your child to get out schoolbooks, pens and pencils, and other supplies needed.

Build Breaks into Your Day

Just like your child would have at school, plan time for “recess.” It’s unreasonable to expect especially young children to sit and study for hours at a time without any kind of break. Take snack breaks and activity breaks. Encourage them to get exercise, get outside and get some sunshine, and to stay in touch with friends. Encourage them to read a book outside under a tree or listen to video on the balcony.

Keep the Distance Learning Space Organized

Make your child responsible for helping to put everything away at the end of the day. You can dedicate a bin, box, or shelf to their school supplies and textbooks so that you can get them up and out of the way when the school day is over.

No matter how the return to school is planned, there is a chance that your child will go to school at least some days from home. Our luxury apartment complex boasts an impressive list of outdoor amenities that can make the days less difficult. Many of our apartment rentals also include a balcony view of the city skyline. Enjoy a staycation every day while living at Park Place Towers in Hartford, CT. Make it your home in Hartford this summer. Contact us today for rates and availability.

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