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Make Working from Home Work for You

Even as the country begins the process of reopening, many people will continue to work from home as offices redesign their spaces to be safer. And for some people, working from home may become their new way of working permanently. So how do you work from home and stay productive and motivated, especially when the summer sun is calling your name?

Start Early, But Don’t Open Your Email

Most experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals who work from home insist that their success comes in part from starting the day early. If you can start with a workout, it’s even better, because then you are pumped up for the day. Even if you save the workout for later and jump right in, don’t start with your email. Instead, get something done that must be done that day. Once that is checked off your to-do list, not only will the rest of the day feel easier, but then you can focus on interruptions and unscheduled requests that will inevitably be in your email.

Step Away from the Computer

Ideally, you should work for no more than 50 minutes and then spend 10 minutes on your feet, stretching, walking around, and drinking some water. Taking regular breaks keeps you from getting tired as you sit in front of your computer, but it’s also crucial to your overall health. People who sit all day are more prone to health complications.

Schedule Off Time

Not only do you need to have a time at the end of each day when you’re done and switch to “home” mode, but you need to schedule time each day for lunch, for working out, and for breaks. And you need to have days of the week you don’t work as well as regular vacation time – just as you would have if you worked in an office. When your office Is in your home, it’s important to separate your home and work life as much as possible to avoid burnout.

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