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How to Be the Best Gift Giver This Christmas

Gift IdeasWhen it comes to choosing the best gifts to give to your friends and family at Christmas time, there’s only one rule: make it from the heart. What does that mean, though? How do you show people how much you care by being the best gift giver? We suggest giving a gift that shows you’ve listened, a gift from the heart, or a gift of a shared experience.

Giving Gifts that Show You’ve Listened

This can be challenging, because it requires you to know the recipient and pay attention to them, not just around the holidays but throughout the year. When you think about your closest friends and family and some of the things they’ve mentioned, whether it was something they noticed in a shop or something they mentioned that would make their life easier, and you actually can give them that gift, it will be memorable. Gifts like these don’t have to be expensive, just meaningful.

A Gift from the Heart

Whether you are artistic and talented enough to make people gifts or can give the gift of time, these are the gifts that go on giving throughout the year. You can offer to babysit for a busy mom so she can have an afternoon to herself. You can paint or draw pictures for people that let them have a piece of you in their homes. You can buy a young family maid service or oil changes for their car.

The Gift of a Shared Experience

The people to whom you give gifts are often close friends and family with whom you enjoy spending time. Because of this, a gift of a shared experience can be a memorable and delightful way to show you care. Consider getting tickets to a play or sporting event you both want to see, or even movie tickets or a weekend getaway. Just make it something you know they’d love to do and share with you.

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