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How To Host The Best Thanksgiving Dinner

You’re all moved into your new apartment and you’re ready to show it off. Luckily, you will have many opportunities over the next few months to do just that. One of the most exciting things to do after moving into your new place is to invite everyone over and host the holiday meal. Here we offer our best tips to host the best Thanksgiving dinner.

Plan Ahead

Put together both your guest list and your grocery list ahead of time. Start with the guest list, because one of the ways to be a great host is to accommodate any dietary restrictions. This means you’ll need to find out from your guests if they have any food allergies or intolerances or if they follow a special diet. You don’t have to cater the entire meal to their needs, but it doesn’t hurt to make something they’ll enjoy or modify recipes where you can to include them.

Shop Ahead

Do not wait until the last minute to go to the store and buy the ingredients you need. The choices will be more limited the longer you wait and because the weather this time of year can be unpredictable, it’s possible to end up in a situation where delivery trucks can’t get through and the grocery store shelves go empty.

Cook Ahead

Depending on what’s on your menu, we recommend preparing food ahead of time so that you’re not spending the whole day cooking instead of spending time with your friends and family. There are many dishes, like casseroles and mashed potatoes, that can be made ahead of time and heated up in time for the meal.

Ask for Help

If the meal is too big to handle alone, or if you simply don’t have enough oven space to do it all, ask for help. And say yes to people who offer to help you. It’s so much more fun when everyone pitches in to create a meal everyone can share.

Don’t let another holiday pass you by where you are too embarrassed to have guests over. If you’re not already living in one of our luxury apartments at Park Place Towers in Hartford, contact us today for more information on our amenities and availability.

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