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How to Have a Romantic Night In

couple having romantic night inSince February is the most romantic month of the year, it could be difficult to get dinner reservations for two at that fancy new restaurant you’ve had your eye on. Maybe after attending tons of Christmas parties and New Year’s festivities, you’d rather have a date night that’s cozy and romantic. There’s a lot to do and see in Hartford, but sometimes it’s just more fun to stay in.

Cook a Romantic Dinner for Two

Make a menu of you and your partner’s favorite foods and whip it up together. Each can be responsible for preparing a course, or you can do it all together. Set the table with your best china, a fancy tablecloth, and don’t forget the candles! Enjoy the tasty results over good conversation and wine. Don’t fret if cooking is not your thing. You can always enjoy takeout at your fancy table, too.

Have a Movie Night

You and your partner may often watch movies together, but spice it up this time. Forget the flicks with guns and explosions and choose a romantic comedy or dramatic tear-jerker.

Watch Your Wedding Video

If it’s been years since you took a peek at your wedding video, you’ll have a great time reliving the memories of your special day. You’ll laugh at the dancing, cry at the speeches, and remember what brought the two of you together in the first place.

Build a Snowman

February in Connecticut is not a time to take a dip in the outdoor pool, but there may just be a ton of snow on the ground to provide some outdoor fun. Gather a scarf, hat, carrot, and charcoal to decorate a wonderful snowman created by you and your partner. You’ll have a great time and hopefully, it will stick around for days as a reminder of your romantic night in.

Do Some Stargazing

If the weather is perfect to build a snowman, take a few minutes afterward to search the night sky for constellations to appear. Winter is when stars shine brightest due to low humidity levels and also when awe-inspiring constellations.


What’s more romantic than a slow, close dance? Clear some space in your living room, turn down the lights, and turn up your favorite music. Stick to the moves you know or use your time to learn an exotic dance like the tango, samba, or rumba.

You don’t have to be out in the hustle and bustle of the city to have a wonderfully romantic date night. At Park Place Towers, we offer luxury apartment living near downtown Hartford complete with the indoor and outdoor amenities you expect. Contact us today to check for availability.

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