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Best Resolutions to Make for 2019

notebook on table with 2019 resolutionsWhen making New Year’s resolutions, do you find yourself committing to goals that are “too much?” At the start of 2019, you say to yourself “I’m going to lose a lot of weight, stop eating poorly, and finally ask for that promotion I deserve?” Although these are remarkable resolutions, it is typical for people to have given up on their resolutions by the start of February.

Only about 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. The reason people give up on their resolutions so quickly is because most resolutions expect too much, are too vague, and have no real plan behind them to give them a fighting chance of success.

If you’re tired of making the same old resolutions year after year, try out a few of these smaller, more manageable resolutions that still pack a big punch. Not only will you feel better about yourself, there’s a great chance that these resolutions can positively impact the people around you.

Listen to Constructive Criticism

Learn to accept constructive criticism gracefully, but know the difference between well-meaning advice and mean-spirited bullying


Take ownership of your mistakes and then take the time to apologize for them

Spread the Love

Take the time to tell your loved ones that you love them as well as why you love them why - don’t wait for special occasions to do it

Forgive Yourself

Understand that personal growth is a journey; don’t berate yourself for not meeting your goals or not living up to someone else’s idea of where you should be in life

Pick Your Friends Wisely

Life is too short to spend it surrounded by “friends” who don’t like and appreciate you for who you are

Unplug a Little Bit

Completely unplugging from social media is unrealistic, but unfollowing a few people who make you feel bad about yourself is completely doable

Stay Engaged

While we’re talking about social media, put your phone away when you’re with a friend so that you can give them your undivided attention

Choose One Exercise

Forget about joining the gym by choosing one exercise you like (such as riding a bike), and add it to your schedule in a realistic way

Take a Class

Think of that one skill you’ve wanted to develop (woodworking? candle making?) and sign up for a class at your local community college.

Let It Out

Choose a trusted friend or relative and confide in them about feelings you’ve kept bottled up for too long

Learn to Set Goals

Take some time to set a goal (big or small) and actually write down a plan with detailed steps to help you meet it.

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