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How to Have a Relaxing Night-In

girl at homeThere are tons of fun things to do in Hartford. With museums, parks, and riverboat rides, you might find yourself checking off those boxes as must do’s in order to appreciate Hartford’s rich history and natural beauty. Sometimes, however, after a busy week, you can’t fathom scheduling one more thing to do. That’s when it’s time to make yourself a priority and unwind with a fun night-in. Check out some of these options for the perfect relaxing night at home.

Get Comfortable

First things first, a night-in requires shedding the clothes of the day and slipping into your favorite comfy outfit. For some that’s a sweat-suit, while others might prefer a baggy T-shirt and shorts. Just put on what makes you the most comfortable.

Have a Great Meal

Everyone has to eat dinner whether in a fancy restaurant, or from a fast-food outlet. In preparation for your night-in, stock your pantry so that you have the ingredients on hand to make your favorite meal. Invite some friends over to assemble the feast together in the kitchen, while laughing and sipping wine. If cooking is not your thing, call your favorite restaurant for takeout. Either way, you’re relaxing, and that’s the whole point of your night-in.

Surf the Internet

If you’re too busy during the week to surf the Internet, use your night-in to discover, or catch-up on, the latest and greatest from literally thousands of media platforms that can be accessed through your Internet connection. With so much to choose from, you can use your night-in to binge-watch a series that all of your friends and coworkers have been raving about, re-visit a favorite World Series, watch a classic movie, learn Tai-Chi, or simply enjoy a video of a ravishing sunset.

Have a Spa Night

If you’re extra-stressed, a spa night-in might be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Start with a warm, luxurious bath filled with aromatherapy bath bombs and essential oils. While that’s working its magic, apply a facial mask that is just right for your skin. When it is over, you’ll not only be relaxed, but beautiful too.

Get Organized

Maybe you rarely stay in because your apartment is a mess. With a busy week and social plans, you just might not have time to be as organized as you might want. If you feel the need to organize, use some of your night-in to get your pantry, or closet, in tip-top shape. Don’t do any deep cleaning - this is supposed to be a fun night-in, but you just might feel better if you can scratch some of the to-do’s off your list.

You can enjoy all of these fun night-ins as a resident of Park Place Towers in downtown Hartford. Contact us today for availability.

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