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Ways to Make Your Apartment More Peaceful

Relaxing at HomeYour apartment should be a haven from the bustle and stress of the outside world. When you open your door, you should feel happier and more peaceful instead of having even more stress wash over you.

If you’d like to make your apartment feel more peaceful (and who wouldn’t?) the following tips will help you transform your home into a sanctuary:

Create a Technology Free Zone

Allocate specific spaces for work, rest, and play so you can easily move from one activity to another, both mentally and physically. For example, when you do work from your apartment, use a separate area like a desk or small table so that you can more easily leave it behind when you’re not sitting at your workstation. It can also help to ban devices like cell phones from the dinner table so you and your family or guests can focus on each other.

Utilize Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are a great way to corral items that go together and easily move them out of sight. Use one for mail, bills and other paperwork, or for craft supplies or a collection of toys. You can easily move a cart from room to room, stashing it in a closet or rolling it under a table that’s not being used at the moment when you’d like it to be out of sight.

Turn On Music

You can use background music to help create a relaxing atmosphere and relieve stress simply by setting up some of your favorite low-key tunes to play as you relax, clean up or fix dinner. Best of all, this requires very little effort, and if you need a boost of energy rather than a dose of relaxation, you can change your music selection to something more upbeat.

Bring Fresh Flowers & Plants Inside

Fresh flowers and plants can help make your apartment more attractive by adding beauty and serenity. You can easily move them from room to room, and fresh flowers aren’t as expensive as you may think. A bunch of flowers from the grocery store can be divided and placed in small vases in several rooms, and the very act of selecting a new bouquet each week will probably feel like a treat that you soon start to look forward to.

Store What You Need Within Easy Reach

Make items you frequently use as easy to reach as possible. Store cleaning supplies under each sink in a small plastic caddy or bucket and add a paper towel holder to the inside of cabinet doors. That way, when you’re ready to clean in a bathroom or the kitchen, you won’t have to waste time and energy searching for what you need.

Make Your Bed a Comfortable Haven

You can look forward to climbing into bed at the end of the day, if you splurge on comfortable, high-end sheets in a color/pattern that makes you happy. Throw in some cushy pillows, blankets and a nice, fluffy duvet or comforter, and get ready for some softness and beauty that will take the edge off of a tough day.

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