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How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Healthy Woman Summer brings with it a number of health challenges. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies have to be on guard to defend themselves against flare-ups. Heat and rain mean there are many reasons to stay indoors rather than get the right amount of exercise, too.

To avoid summer health pitfalls, you need to be mindful. Being alert to your habits and changing what you need to will help you reach your goals. Summer has many different small issues to contend with, but you usually only have to tweak your behaviors a little bit to achieve the success you want.

Let’s look at some quick ways to support your health and fitness in the heat:

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is a major risk factor in the summer and leads to all kinds of other problems. Be sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day to offset the effects of heat. Eight glasses a day is a common rule of thumb, but intake needs vary. Listen to your body!

Make Time for Exercise

Exercising in high heat presents its own complications, so take special steps to ensure some form of exercise is part of your day. You can go jogging or bicycling in the early evening as the temperature starts to drop – or go swimming any time of the day to beat the heat.

Enjoy Lots of Watermelon

Watermelon is a tasty treat made up mostly of water. It’s low in calories and helps you stay hydrated. The water content is also effective in giving you a full feeling sooner. You can add watermelon to all kinds of summer-esque meals or enjoy it in a salad.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential part of protecting your skin. It helps safeguard you against skin cancer and premature aging. Some soaps will even allow you slather on a sun protection factor (SPF.) For daily use, choose SPF 30 or higher. A hat and sunglasses provide additional help.

Avoid Heavy Fast Food

Fast food high in fats, oils, and salt can be especially troublesome during the summer. They may cause bloating and indigestion. Plus, digestion is an intensive process that can sap your energy for hours. Be especially cautious of high-calorie breakfast restaurants when you’re going on trips.

Staying healthy during the summer takes a little extra thought and a little extra work, but it’s far from impossible. When you live in a safe and healthy environment, you’re much more likely to navigate the warm season with fewer problems.

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