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Why ‘Spring Cleaning’ is Good for the Soul

Park Place Towers - Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is sometimes thought of as one big tedious chore, but it offers you more than a clean home. In fact, doing a thorough cleaning during this time of year provides you with important benefits that can improve your well-being overall. Learn more about how spring cleaning can boost your spirits after a long, cold winter.

What Does Spring Cleaning Include?

Spring cleaning usually involves giving your home a complete cleaning, rather than just focusing on problem areas. You can expect to do the typical cleaning tasks, such as dusting and vacuuming, but you’ll also be doing several other tasks to help your home become more organized. These include going through clutter and getting rid of it or finding a place for it and wiping down all surfaces in your home to remove debris.

What Are the Benefits of Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning provides you with the following benefits:

  • Cleaner air: You’ll have a home that’s as free of dust, dirt and other debris, which makes the air healthier. This is even more beneficial if you have allergies or asthma, since you’ll be able to breathe more easily without having respiratory problems.
  • Improved concentration: Being surrounded by clutter and dusty or dirty surfaces can impact your ability to focus. Organizing and cleaning your home can help you concentrate better.
  • Minimal mess: It’s not easy to keep your entire home absolutely clean and free of clutter all the time. However, spring cleaning makes it possible to cut down on these messes drastically. Doing this type of cleaning means you’ll only have a slight mess or two to deal with on a regular basis, which is much more manageable than a messy home overall.
  • Walk down memory lane: Going through clutter and boxes of belongings gives you a good opportunity to enjoy a bit of nostalgia. Whether you’re sorting through boxes of old photos or memorabilia from childhood, this is a fun way to remember the past while also getting your home organized.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Where should you start when you do your spring cleaning? How should you tackle all of the different tasks you want to do? Use the following tips to help you stay focused as you go through your home:

  • Do one area at a time: Stay methodical when it comes to cleaning and organizing your home. Choose one area of a room to start with, and don’t move onto a different area or room until it’s completely finished. Starting in one area and switching to another before the first one is done can make cleaning more stressful and frustrating.
  • Play music: You don’t have to do your spring cleaning in silence. Put on your favorite tunes while you’re cleaning, and you’ll have a more enjoyable time. You might even find that you’ve accomplished more than you expected when you’re done for the day.
  • Take your time: Don’t feel like you have to rush through each area just to get it done and move to the next one. Take your time going through each part of your home, and you’ll feel less stressed about it.
  • Don’t aim for perfection: Your home doesn’t have to look flawless and perfectly organized after you’re done with spring cleaning. Keep your expectations realistic, so you can achieve your cleaning goals.

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