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Storage Hacks

Apartment living can check off many boxes – you’re close to work, parks, shopping, nightlife, and more. The amenities can be enticing with swimming pools, exercise facilities, and of course, you don’t have to mow the lawn or shovel snow. One tiny drawback, however, is a lack of storage space.  If you’re organized and have banished the clutter but still need more places to stash your stuff, try these storage hacks to free up some space in your apartment.

Living Area

Make your living room furniture perform dual tasks – comfort and storage. Look for sofas that hide storage space under the cushions. Many coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans are specifically designed with hidden storage in mind to stash away smaller items.


Get sneaky with hidden shelves that can pull out from between the refrigerator and wall to store canned goods. A smaller pullout shelf can typically fit between the stove and cabinet to store spices if your kitchen layout allows it.

Save space in the kitchen by transferring cereals, pastas, and dried beans from their original packaging into clear plastic storage containers. Put plastic storage bins on kitchen shelves to easily organize items by utilizing vertical space.

Invest in a small rolling cart with storage bins to give you more food prep space and hold needed kitchen items.


Storage is at a premium in bathrooms. When you have limited space, you’ll need to be resourceful to utilize every inch of space. If you have a freestanding sink, stack as many clear storage bins with drawers as possible around the pedestal and fill them with toiletries, beauty supplies, etc. Choose a fabric that complements your décor to fashion a skirt around the sink to keep the containers out of sight.

The space behind the door is perfect for different storage solutions. Hang a clear plastic shoe bag and use the pockets for to stash toiletries and styling tools. Or use an over-the-door hook organizer to hold towels and robes.

Add a magnetic strip to easily store bobby pins, nail implements, tweezers, and other metal beauty supplies.


Put every inch of your bedroom to use by investing in shallow, rolling storage units to store items under the bed. These units are perfect for holiday décor, out of season clothing, and keepsakes that you don’t need to access often.

Headboards with storage shelves are perfect for books and items you use frequently.

If space is too tight to accommodate a bedside table, install a small “floating shelf.” These are available at IKEA and other big box retailers.


Make your closet space work for you by organizing your space efficiently. Use the top shelves for out of season or bulky items. Use slim, non-slip hangers to maximize space for your hanging clothes. Place bins on the floor against the wall to store shoes, accessories, and more. Don’t forget to use the door space by hanging a shoe rack or cloth laundry bags.

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