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How to Stay Fit When the Weather Gets Colder

couple running in winter

When the weather gets colder, you may find your normal healthy routine interrupted. You’re more inclined to hibernate and let the colder weather derail your exercise plans. And with all the tempting holiday foods, it can be easy to spend the colder months eating fatty, unhealthy foods.

Be proactive

It may be tempting to wing it through the fall and winter without planning how you’re going to make healthy decisions. But as holiday events, shopping, and other responsibilities put you in a time crunch, you’ll have to strategically plan your days to ensure that eating healthy and exercising is a priority.

Eat mindfully

Don’t just mindlessly eat your food without taking time to enjoy its taste and smell. Your brain won’t register that you’re full for about 20 minutes, so you may be having multiple helpings when just one would be satisfying. Take your time to enjoy your favorite dishes without overindulging.

The same is true for eating at home since you’ll probably be spending more time inside in the colder weather. Eat slowly and don’t just wolf down food in front of the TV or computer screen. Instead, take the time to savor and pay attention to what you’re eating.

Get outside when you can

Even though you probably won’t spend as much time outdoors as you do during warmer months, getting out in the brisk weather can be invigorating. Walking around the neighborhood park or participating in a winter 5k is something you can get family and friends to join in on.

You can also burn calories by taking part in a winter sport. From skiing to ice skating, you’ll be getting a good cardiovascular workout as you target specific areas like your legs.

Eat a protein-packed breakfast

We crave more carbs and comfort foods during colder months, but these foods aren’t usually the best nutritional choices. They’re often high in calories, and they can cause your blood sugar to rise quickly. You’ll also end up getting stronger carb cravings throughout the day.

Start the day with a protein-packed breakfast to keep your energy up during the day. That way, you won’t be as likely to feel starved and reach for comfort foods.

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